Sugetha, like many other players, grew up playing informal forms of cricket. She was the only girl in her area in India, and in turn spent much of the time playing cricket with the boys.

Her father was very influential in her interest in cricket, as he often watched or played the game. Sugetha owes the development of her basic techniques and form to playing street cricket, and thinks that it is beneficial to the growth of the sport.

Despite playing cricket from a very young age, Sugetha almost never played competitive cricket. Her first competitive match was in 11th grade when she skipped class to go play. She was one of the only people who had ever played before and fortunately a selector noticed and encouraged her to pursue more competitive forms of the sport.

Her family was a large part of why she cares so much about cricket, the sport which led her to meet her husband in college. Sugetha and her husband regularly plan their days around cricket, both compete and play the game they love at the top-level, with aspirations to be permanent fixtures for Team USA long into the future.


Playing Number

Team Role

Leg-Spinning All-Rounder


Irvine, California


Suge, KAS

Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Getting to play for USA against MCC; running out Charolotte Edwards, getting a cap from Shelly Nitschke

Favorite Cricketer

Sachin Tendulkar & Charlotte Edwards