Sindhu Sriharsha, the wicketkeeper-bat from Livermore, California, has been playing cricket since she was nine years old. Her passion for the game blossomed while playing gully cricket in the streets of India.

As Sindhu was growing up, her mother pushed her to live out her dreams and passions in cricket for the both of them, as she never had the opportunity to play cricket herself.

Sindhu’s parents have been one of the main motivating factors in her success over the years. Rather than studying, she remembers her parents urging her to pursue her passion of cricket instead. She acknowledges her parent’s supportive role in her cricket development, providing the opportunity to refine her skills and become a more complete player.


Playing Number

Team Role

Batter, Wicketkeeper


Livermore, California



Country of Birth


Career Highlights

Part of Indian U-21 team touring Lahore, Pakistan

Favorite Cricketer

Rahul Dravid & Adam Gilchrist