Erica Rendler, born and raised in California, has been playing sports her entire life. From baseball to field hockey, she takes something from all of them and uses those skills in her cricket playing.

She has used her natural athleticism and hand eye coordination to develop as a strong fielder early on in her cricket career, and has only gotten better.

Erica found cricket after traveling to Australia and seeing it played for the first time. She was instantly drawn to the game and responded to an ad online where coach Raj Pahdi taught her the rules of the great game.

Growing up in the USA, Erica has seen sports like soccer grow in popularity. She thinks that cricket will have the same path and only keep growing with more and more talented players emerging and propelling future teams to even greater success on the international stage.


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San Jose, California



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Career Highlights

Best all around stats in the World Cup Qualifier in 2011, and batting not out against South Africa

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